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Fixed Broadband

Broadband speed just as important as broadband access

The original digital divide separating the haves from the have-nots has quickly been replaced by a new gap defined in terms of Internet speed. While the FCC is working hard to ensure that broadband Internet is available, accessible, and affordable for all Americans, they are not ensuring that the broadband connection provided will be of adequate speed to meet the growing demands of enhanced interactive website platforms... more »


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Lets regain our ground on Internet speed (we did invented it)

The United States invented the Internet, so lets become number one again for what we created! Americans like to think we are #1 for a lot of things, but Internet is not one of them. We rank (as of Jan 21, 2010) 29th in the world for download speeds and 30th for upload speeds according to real-world results provided by (Results can be found at with an American IP address).... more »


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Broadband Framework

Speed up broadband and lower prices!

In the US, broadband is not fast enough and is way overpriced. Right now, Japan and South Korea have way better services and at a fraction of the cost. If the US wants to lead in broadband, then it is time that existing systems get sped up, because many of the networks out there aren't even being utilized to their full potential.

Fiber optics to the home and to the node are far more capable of the bandwidth that is... more »


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