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Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband is a rural/remote product and should be a component of the broadband initiative. Technology has improved greatly in recent years for satellite broadband. With new techniques latency is not an issue. High cost terminals have been replaced with compact, low-cost ones. Service costs mirror terrestrial counter-parts. The new satellite technologies being used in other parts of the world offer affordable,... more »


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Economic Growth, Job Creation & Private Investment

Lack of broadband is depressing property values

Lack of broadband is depressing property values in rural areas. Neighbors have moved because they cannot get broadband. My sole proprietor company pays $70 a month for satellite Internet access which many politicians wrongly refer to as broadband. It is not broadband because it does not support:
Automatic security updates to OS and apps

The >1000ms latency and daily traffic cap of 435 megabytes... more »


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Separation and Unification of Services

Right now, I have a phone line, wireless internet service provider access, satellite TV, and a cell phone. Here is the change I see we need to do.

All 4 of these services provide a data communication connection. The phone line is the only wired connection point that allows me to receive and transmit data (voice). The wireless internet and cell phone provide a receive and transmit communications link to a tower. The... more »


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