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Forget speed, what about access??

Some of us have NO ACCESS at all to Broadband. What's it gonna take?? This isn't about pricing~ I pay *more* to have two phone lines so that I'm not bumped off the dial-up, and so that people can actually reach me. And I pay the same in this area for dial up as people who have low-end Broadband. This is obscene!! Broadband is not offered to us because we live in rural Arkansas. We've been clamoring for years for... more »


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Broadband Consumer Context

Don't let corporations isolate us as a matter of policy yet again.

RE: GN Docket No. 10-127
We need a strong FCC to ensure the implementation of the National Broadband Plan (NBP). The NBP includes strategies for solving the broadband crisis in rural and other underserved communities. With little or no authority over broadband, the FCC will be powerless to implement these strategies. One of these strategies is support for community broadband networks. Tell the FCC that rural and underserved... more »


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