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Economic Growth, Job Creation & Private Investment

BroadbandUSA Grants & Job Creation - Let's Keep Track of the Jobs Created as a REAL SCORECARD!

With ARRA and the Broadband grants opportunities now available, and the process to leverage broadband investments advancing consistently, I believe the timetable originally set for the grant & project timelines will be met. There were some challenges in applying for the first round so far (uploading PDF's overloaded so I had to mail in documents), but I was pleased to see the challenges were being met. I was especially... more »


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International Lessons

How United States Ranks Compared To Other Countries Broadband...

I posted this on Twitter before, but I am not sure if everyone here saw it or uses Twitter. Thought it would be good to repost here. Here's the link which provides very specific data on Broadband (High Speed Access) and how the United States compares to various broadband areas in other countries.

Guess What? We're NOT number one! Even though this is an infrastructure that we started with the first... more »


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