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Forget speed, what about access??

Some of us have NO ACCESS at all to Broadband. What's it gonna take?? This isn't about pricing~ I pay *more* to have two phone lines so that I'm not bumped off the dial-up, and so that people can actually reach me. And I pay the same in this area for dial up as people who have low-end Broadband. This is obscene!! Broadband is not offered to us because we live in rural Arkansas. We've been clamoring for years for... more »


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International Lessons

Shared/open high-speed networks across telecom operators

Follow The Economist's lead: "The best solution would be to require telecoms operators to open their high-speed networks to rivals on a wholesale basis, as is the case almost everywhere in the industrialised world."

America thrives when business and governments converge to compete and regulate according to our principles of free trade, open market access and vigorous competition. The internet and broadband access should... more »


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