no more unfare caps and stay away from satillite

hmmm, well im not sure how to put this, but i will say this, we do not need more unfair limits on broadband, what ever is chosen for the plan be it wireless or wired should not be limited, or at least not unfairly, 5 gigs a month for wireless is ridiculous, i myself need at least 100 gigs in a month, what ever is chosen for the plan need not be limited so badly, right now im using sprint wireless, its not that great.. but its all i can use, thankfully i am still able to use an unlimited plan from when they still had unlimited, but i am worried about major limitations with what ever is chosen, i think a fair amount of download and upload per month is 250GB, and all providers should offer that same amount, be it wireless broadband or wired broadband.

i live in Votaw texas, theirs not much of anything here.

Also, do not use satellite, its an idiotic service, Hughes net and wild blue need to be shut down.



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