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Wireless Cell Broadband: Why $60.00 monthly + 5GB data limit?

I remember growing up in Chambless, Calif on old route 66, 10 miles East of Amboy. Only after someone died did the phone company install phone lines to the homes. Now, I reside in the Mojave Desert again and again face the same thing except it involves not having DSL or cable access. Our "tax" involves having to pay an additional $40.00 for the only broadband option: Verizon wireless. This adds up to a "punitive" fee of almost $500.00 yearly for living in a rural area. Additionally, we are unable to enjoy much video, audio, and streaming media due to a 5GB data limitation. Please, at the very least, for those of us residing where cell wireless is the only option, we should at least not be limited in usage! Just as AC power has been standardized, internet speed is now the new "power grid" and also needs to be standardized.



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