Fixed Broadband

What we need is competition!

What we need is competition, in order to foster better service and higher speeds; we need line sharing, especially since the Internet backbone was built with taxpayer dollars. By allowing line sharing new companies can move into town and offer different services at a lower rate. We the tax payers built the backbone of the Internet, and it has been given to corporations – we need to take it back! Right now if I want faster Internet; I would have to purchase not only a higher priced Internet, but also TV and telephone…. I should be able to mix and match these different services. Those who want faster Internet are using it for Internet-based services, such as Netflix or Hulu; but the large broadband companies would lose money if all they offered was broadband service, so they bundle their own content services. The Telco’s use misleading ads, and they renege on their offers once you are signed up, this is because they are in most areas; the only broadband provider. Line sharing would change that, and unbundling of these services would be a step towards the consumer being able to declare independence from the large telecom companies.



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