Public Safety & Homeland Security

What is the deal with this site and the FCC?

I think the "Contact" button at Broadband. gov should work, but it does not.

I think the button that pops up when you sign up and tells you that you can "re-send your email notificaiton" should be spelled correctly, but it is not. Is this a real site? I see it is beta, but it could still be done correctly.

How come the FCC ONLY will allow comment on broadband, when there are so many other issues it addresses in our society?

I work with public safety on the basic field communications. That is not addressable here, though there are HUGE issues. Apparently we can only work through industry representatives, who have their own agendas, not necessarily congruent with the real needs of public safety. This is a giant flaw in the input capability which the FCC could chose to correct in a forum such as this.



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