Broadband Framework

Use public in actual planning

I suggest you incorporate the public into your to help the "100 million Americans without Internet service."

Neighbor Helping Neighbor, Schools for the Community, Students Teaching Adults, etc. etc.....

America is noted for its volunteer spirit. Hundreds of thousands people, in as many situations, volunteer daily.

I believe you could take of advantage of that in your plan to help the "100 million Americans without Internet service"...

and/or savvy. In my experience, those who do not have Internet do not have computer savvy.


One of the requirements of the FCC would be to print, on paper, some elementary instructions,

much like the set-up messages than come with a new computer. 1. A lexicon of computer terminology. 2. Plug it in,etc.

You get the picture. 2. major corporations might give laptops to communities who particpate in the program.


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