Use Satellite and dial-up ISP customer account lists as the starting point for better broadband.

After we bought a foreclosure/fixer upper in Memphis,TN, my spouse and I found ourselves in a 2.5 year saga to get decent internet service--within sight of the city. The house had ISDN, but AT&T was reluctant to activate it. They refused to put in a port for DSL, saying they were full in our area (but check back), and left us with dial up that routinely was half the speed of the dial up account we had in central Memphis 5 years previous, and nowhere near as fast as my DSL line had been. They then doubled the price of the abysmal dial up, because they wanted us to switch to DSL, but they would not connect DSL still.


The cable providers would only install if we paid them $5000, saying they would pay the other $1500, and then bill us for monthly service too. Finally I switched to a Wireless EVDO card. The first was fast, but only worked 7 days out of 30 from ATT. I returned it. The second was much slower, but worked reliably until this summer, when Sprint did something to their tower, and I was unable to make it or its replacement work anymore at speeds higher than 20kbps. Which is unacceptable at any price.


Meanwhile quick internet access has become necessity to my architecture practice, whereas just 5 years ago it was not. Therefore, I looked at satellite again, and just signed up last month. It is FAR below cable speeds and DSL, but yet twice the price. However, I am forced to use it even though all my neighbors have cable or DSL. No one suscribes to satellite because they want to. They subscribe because they have no other choice. This puts me at a severe competitive disadvantage with my peers, and as a sole proprietress, I already have enough of that.



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