Wireless Broadband

Use Existing Analog TV Towers to provide free public broadband

Use the Analog TV towers to send and receive broadband Internet connections since they already exist and reach nearly every American. Stop selling these frequencies to private companies who hoard them for their own selfish gain. Start using these frequencies for the general public. Make broadband free like our highway system and fund it through taxes on companies who leverage the system for their new services. The Amazon Kindle and Sony Readers are two products for example that could leverage this system and would probably be willing to pay a tax to the government instead of a fee to a private company for 3g connection to their devices. Opening up a broadband highway opens up new possibilities for products to network Americans.


Non-throttled broadband connections will open up the possibilities to save American's money using cheaper alternatives like VOIP and Ala Carte TV programming to pay for what we want and not what the cable and phone companies force us to have.



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