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US lagging behind in Broadband Speeds

The United States is behind in the broadband market and has needed to step it up when it comes to speeds and prices. You can get 100Mbps fiber connections in Japan for the same price as what a 15Mbps connection costs here in the US. If the provider's equipment can handle more speeds, then they should be required to boost speeds without increasing their prices.


I think that the FCC should make it mandatory for ISPs who provide fiber optic and cable connections to start their base speeds at 100Mbps and not a megabit lower. My 25Mbps fiber connection costs more than a 100Mbps connection in Japan ($65 for 25Mbps/US $50 for 100Mbps/Japan) In fact, I could be getting a 200Mbps fiber connection for only $55 in Japan or a 1Gbps connection for only $80 to show how big of a price difference there is between Japan and the US.


DSL providers should be required to provide at a minimum of 20Mbps. The providers who can't accomplish this speed due to distance factors should implement fiber to the node to help increase the availability and speeds of existing DSL services. Most DSL modems will support up to 25Mbps or more and right now, ISPs aren't even making it past 7Mbps and that's just ridiculous.


More and more people are relying on the availability of the Internet for business and general communication, but the problem in the United States is availability to remote areas that can be outside of 100 miles from the nearest rural and metropolitan areas. These areas may get only a small taste of broadband that is limited to around 1 to 3Mbps. Thanks to our government funding, we can eliminate this bottleneck and provide faster service for everyone.



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