Time to put our money where our mouth is...or shut up

Super-fast internet for all would be amazing and fantastic--but we need to ask ourselves...are we willing to pay for it and if so how much are we willing to pay/give up?


The other countries are ahead of us in the mobile broadband market because their governments dictate all the wireless standards...sounds good except they take away choice/options for the providers. Are we willing to do the same? This one I think we as a country are ready for. I would truly hope it reduces the the gaps in service coverage that exist across the US today.


We also need to remember that the other countries that we are so gaga over their internet speeds are far smaller than the US--their population centers are much more concentrated which makes it much more efficient to put in super fast bandwidth pipes. This is something we can't do anything about...our country is grand and fantastic--and BIG...which means we would need to pony up some serious cash to bulk up our bandwidth pipes that go across this great land as well as to reach all the smaller towns that aren't already serviced.


The other thing we need to consider is the other countries are taxed at much higher rates...their countries help subsidize their internet which isn't really always reflected in their monthly internet bill...but is reflected in their pay checks and the cost of goods. What new taxes are we willing to pay--would you pay for an email tax...what about for internet usage...or would you prefer to have our current federal and state taxes hiked?


If we are willing to pony up the hundreds of billions to bring our country's internet into the 21st century then great. But we are wanting something for nothing, then we just need to shut up and quit whining.



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