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Time for public works? C'mon...let's roll America!

With unemployment at such a high rate and our desire to do great things--why don't we take a page from our own history and utilize the unemployed people in a new public works project to rewire the country...putting in those big beautify broadband pipes across the country, wiring the last mile throughout the towns that don't have internet, and making our electric grid 'smart'.


This would teach those individuals valuable new skills, put them back to work instead of just giving them a check to stay at home/not work, and the entire country would benefit!


Just look at what we did through public works during the Great Depression? We ended up with the Hoover Dam, the TVA, and other great fantastic infrastructure that has lasted a very long time and benefited us in untold ways!


C'mon...let's put ourselves to work instead of waiting for the greedy companies to do what only benefits them! It won't be great and glorious managerial work that everyone wants and feels is their right...its the kind of work that requires getting your hands dirty--manual labor! Time to roll up our sleeves and realize we aren't too good to work outside and make the country grand again!



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