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The policies, actions, and prices of our regional ISP this is a screenshot of my "dropbox." dropbox is one of many free "cloud-based" backup / file sharing sevices. you just keep some of your stuff in a special folder, and that folder synchronizes with a location on the internet. you can designate what you want private and what you want to share. our isp says they give you "12mbps" (actually they claim 30mbps, but they only offer that to landline voip + coax cable TV + internet customers -- in certain locations.) -- but those speeds are only your DOWNLOAD speed. even with their most expensive packages, their upload speed is only ONE mbps.


this fits into the expiring model of media consumption. That is, they expect us to continue to passivly consume content, like it's TV. BUT THE REASON THE INTERNET WAS EVER COOL IN THE FIRST PLACE IS BECAUSE ALL THE CONTENT CAME FROM REAL PEOPLE! The internet aspires to facilitate participation. Forward minded ISP's, like Google Fiber for Communities, offer symmeric bandwidth (a THOUSAND megabits down, and the same up) They think, by moving the internet forward, it can continue to produce unprecedented phenomena. Most residential ISP's only offer asymmetric bandwidth -- but Buckeye Express has the worst ratio I've seen.


anyway, it's going to take SIX HOURS, apparently, to syncronize my dropbox. Thanks buckeye. I have the best package you'll give me*. Remember when things on the internet took six hours? It was called dial-up. The internet was so cool that we actually put up with dial-up. But, it's not really going anywhere anymore. Our regional ISP only wants to make money. They also own the local newspaper, local cable tv, and a local voip landline service. They even set up wifi hotspots at places like the PUBLIC LIBRARY and render it so that only THEIR internet customers have access. They're fine with keeping things mediocre. Besides, if the internet keeps moving in the direction that it has been -- buckeye's business model will no longer include "cable tv" or "buckeye tel" as both are simply phenomena of the internet.


*They only offer their 20mbps(down)/1mbps(up) package to their "VIP" customers. That is, customers who've also agreed to purchase their landline service and a cable TV package. They push this package relentlessly in local advertising. My guess is they do this because (1) the phone and TV services will eventually be swallowed by the internet; and (2) anyone who purchases those sevices are probably the least likely to use the internet in bandwidth intensive ways (video, etc).



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