Broadband Framework

Speed up broadband and lower prices!

In the US, broadband is not fast enough and is way overpriced. Right now, Japan and South Korea have way better services and at a fraction of the cost. If the US wants to lead in broadband, then it is time that existing systems get sped up, because many of the networks out there aren't even being utilized to their full potential.


Fiber optics to the home and to the node are far more capable of the bandwidth that is passing through them today. So is cable and DSL. Fiber optics can offer several "terabits per second", so 100 Mbps+ and 1Gbps connections are more than possible and should be implemented immediately.


If these existing companies don't speed things up and lower their prices, then someone else will build out faster networks and those existing companies will lose customers, because people will want to switch to faster connections offered at a fraction of the price.


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