Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Some specific points on accessibility

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- Make sure that all broadband applications and services are accessible to users and to administrators; those good sysadmin jobs should be open to candidates with disabilities.


- Make sure that the business processes are accessible, too. Things like signing up for an account, getting and paying bills, and technical support need to be easy to use for everyone.


- Outreach and adoption activities should target consumers with disabilities, who have among the lowest adoption rates of all demographic categories. Information should explicitly cover the advantages of broadband for people with disabilities.


- Include detailed disability information in all surveys and market research activities so that we can better understand their needs, preferences, and consumer behavior.


- Some applications and services, like videotelephony and wideband audio, have specific technical requirements regarding bandwidth and quality of service (QoS). Build these into the requirements for government support. Develop and disseminate materials that average consumers can use to configure their residential networks accordingly.



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