Separation and Unification of Services

Right now, I have a phone line, wireless internet service provider access, satellite TV, and a cell phone. Here is the change I see we need to do.


All 4 of these services provide a data communication connection. The phone line is the only wired connection point that allows me to receive and transmit data (voice). The wireless internet and cell phone provide a receive and transmit communications link to a tower. The satellite TV is data receiving only.


We can separate the voice from the phone line and cell phone access. We can separate video from the cable coax and satellite broadcasting. We need to separate the services. No longer will the phone company control wired or wireless lines. Instead, the phone company is only software that uses a communication connection. Same goes for cable and satellite.


This idea has one major affect, how these services are taxed and have fees set upon them. Our taxes need to be non-discriminative. The taxes and fees can only be applied to the application service or the communication service. Whatever communication service tax can be made is equally applied to all communication services (wireless, wire, fiber, coax, satellite, etc). Whatever application service tax can be made is applied to the individual service. Regardless of wire, coax, fiber, wireless, and etc, any type of phone service is taxed the same.


The only discrimination allowed for these services is a tax deduction to owners outside of the flat deduction choice for using a developing communications service.


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