Senior citizen broadband eduaction

Senior citizen education should be considered to explain the benefits of using a broadband network. This is also crucial to its support and success. One sector of the population which needs assistance when it comes to using broadband are the Senior Citizens. I have engaged with many older Americans who are actually frightened - scared - of being "left out" and not being in-the-loop when it comes to the Internet and what it can offer them over a high-speed broadband connection. I would hope they would be given extra help and attention so they too can discover the benefits of all the benefits offered to them by their local, state and federal government along with, of course, the private sector offerings. For the last four years I have written a gratis tech column in my hometowns local paper (and online) where I try to impart the benefits of being online in an easily understood manner. So, I suggest more education and information directly targeted and delivered in comfortable classes to the Seniors!



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