Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband is a rural/remote product and should be a component of the broadband initiative. Technology has improved greatly in recent years for satellite broadband. With new techniques latency is not an issue. High cost terminals have been replaced with compact, low-cost ones. Service costs mirror terrestrial counter-parts. The new satellite technologies being used in other parts of the world offer affordable, DSL level service that both Europe and Japan have embraced when solving their respective rural digital divide dilemmas. Satellite still remains the most cost effective means for bridging the geographic "Digital Divide" and that it continually gets overlooked. Satellite can provide service up to 10+ Gbps, yes, 10+ Gigabytes, but like any other technology there is a realistic level which is cost efficient and meets the needs of the consumer. Another important advantage of satellite is the scaling of the network specifically to user needs. Only those who want service will get service eliminating the need for a costly infrastructure build-out where one is not desired or needed. Satellite Broadband is the way to go and should be considered for the Broadband Plan and for upcoming available funding through the NTIA and USDA.

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