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IT'S TIME TO STOP POLITICAL VIOLENCE NOW...SAY NO TO POLITICAL VIOLENCE BY PUTTING ON AN ORANGE RIBBON THIS 21 st SEPTEMBER , WHICH IS THE UN INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR PEACE..Below is a letter to the Zambian President. As for all of those peace loving people you can make copies of the letter bellow and have it sent to your leader ! It Time to Go Orange Now !


Mr. R.B. Banda- Most Urgent

President of the Christian Republic of Zambia

The State House

Independence Ave , Lusaka



George Kunda. SC

Vice President of the Christian Republic of Zambia

Government Secretariat

Independent Ave, Lusaka



NO: 0001/P-V/OM/ZIHA

Dated: 5th September 2010


Open letter to the Zambian President: Stop Political Violence Now in Zambia .


I hope that this letter of mine will find you in the best of health and prosperity. I express with grave concern as a Zambian about what is happing in terms the political violence that is and has been going on in Zambia , a number of citizens were, reportedly, beaten by some personnel of political hooligans that are being used by those that we trust can protect them or are leaders or would be leaders from sectors already known , in Lusaka . The victims have allegedly been beaten just because they belong to the ruling party or the opposition. Lots of victims have been resorted to severe torture and third degree methods have been applied on them. It Is believed that some of victims’ blatant belonging to another party or are members of the MMD but do not agree on some national matters have been subjected to political violence , I just want to let you know that political violence has infuriated and attracted the anger of some state institutions, who are also not doing the right job. We have seen cases where an MP has been beaten up by fellow party members and you the President and the Vice President have done nothing to protect the law and those who are now victims of the same laws that they are part of . As head of a Christian nation you have to strongly condemn those who are violent and other wise have them be punished for the wrong doings and severe torture that they are bringing to innocent people the working poor would be voters in 2011 .


Mr. President and Mr. Vice President , the Zambian people would appreciate your prompt reaction of the government as against , especially to those who are out spreading the SEED of GENOCIDE in the nation when they should be building peace they are going out to attack those who can vote for them. Would you mind talking to some of the citizens that you know are doing that. As President you have a lot of Information, about what is going in around the nation , just like the Zambian people about who are going around trying to bring threats to our peace , some members of the Zambian community in leading positions pledged openly to do anything . I think such kind of leaders are not the ones that we may need in coming 2011. You must identify the criminals of political violence and ensure exemplary punishment , as a “TEST CASE’.

Zambia was considered as one of the most peaceful country for all , now more than 80 percent of Zambians are victims of those they have put in public office. People have been victimized in the past by-elections and beaten in the recent past months. The alleged involvement of any state agency in not protecting the people in the so called Christian nation , tarnishes the image of Zambia in the international circles. A nation , where Freedom of expression is curtailed by force and political violence, can never grow economically and our progress is checked. It is observed that intolerance against what is happing in the present government is increased manifold . It seems all most the leaders have strong reservations about political violence and police brutality. Such incident of harassment and torture may remain unchecked , if any practical step is not undertaken to curb the menace, we are going off the democratic path.


I think that You ,the vice president and Parliament may take stern action against the culprits of political violence. Call Army, ZNS, ZAF, Prisons Commissioner and the ZP chiefs :MMD, PF and UPND provincial chiefs may be called in front of the parliament under the aegis of the three political Chairmen’s ,MMD,PF and UPND and not forgetting the Civil society and foreign mission staff . The defense chiefs may be directed to identify the political criminals from all political ranks top to bottom , if that is conducted by the security personnel we think the Zambian people will be not be victims of political violence. It is also believed that the above incident is aimed at keeping the most wanted peace and the positive role of the Zambian people , so that none will be a victim as we go towards the general elections in 2011, the police must be deployed in affected areas to rescue and provide immediate relief to politically victimized people of Zambia. The whole nation supports peace and wise leadership in the war against those we are becoming political terrorists in Zambia . To open war against own journalists, by a state or segment of state machinery, may always prove counter productive. Peace must be maintained so that there is no possibility or incidents that will provoke the Zambian people because , your government refused to put up means and ways that can bring those who are becoming violent to the people and the law of the land and be subjected to court and later on sent to jail .


It is in the national interest, to take immediate action against the culprits that we all know, to avoid a permanent tussle between the people and those we call or may be leaders. It is also proposed that respective security agencies or their spokesman, start briefing sessions for all men and women in uniform on variety of such matters of political violence and how to protect all Zambians from political violence that is growing. I hope that both the Zambian leaders in and outside government may take strict punitive action against the culprits, to save the sanctity of Freedom of Expression, which is a constitutional obligation too. The last thing all peace loving People , we need to all say no to Political Violence by putting on an Orange ribbon as a sign to show that we shall not be victims of Political Violence and that we shall want inflict violence on others or see those who are or want to be leaders inflict violence on the nation. Peace !



Oliver Mupila


Zambian International Health Alliance-ZIHA



International Think Tanks Without Borders-ITTWB ( Face book)

Creator - Orange Ribbon



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