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Data Flow Enhancement (DFE) is a revolutionary new type of signal communication technology.


DFE as can be applied to ANY existing infrastructure, for example, LightSquared is currently under development of a 100 megabit wireless network that is designed to blanket the United States.

This network has promises of reaching the last mile, which has been sought after for years.

By utilizing the DFE communications technology that infrastructure cost could be significantly reduced, our thoughts are by at least 30%, saving billions. Secondly, the projected speed capacity the company is touting is 100mb. Again by applying the DFE technology we believe that number could be quadrupled to 400mb or possibly higher.

WHY THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY: DFE’s unique signal process provides a 10x to 100x increase in data rate and bandwidth capacity of existing distribution infrastructures without requiring extensive modifications.

We are capable of encoding and decoding digital bits on an analogue sine wave (the carrier) and WE DO NOT PLACE DATA BITS IN THE SIDEBANDS!

We currently are delivering 32bits per hertz and are working on 64bits and 128bits per hertz. Our signal is NOISE IMMUNE and can recover well into the noise floor.

DFE is a new digital modulation technology, phase distortion modulation that provides increased communications channel capacity/bandwidth, improved noise immunity and enhanced security against interception. DFE is applicable to all wired and wireless networks with a minimal hardware upgrade.

DFE Technology: DFE transmits data by pulse modulating multiple bits onto each cycle of a sine wave carrier. Modulation consists of controlled amplitude perturbations of the carrier, with each perturbation representing one digital bit. Bits are placed within defined phase positions on each carrier cycle. The modulation protocol includes guard bands between bit positions on each carrier cycle.

DATA FLOW ENHANCEMENT is a patented technology; in fact there are a great number of patents nationally and internationally. NONE OF THESE PATENTS HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED TO DATE, NOR HAVE ANY OTHER PATENTS BEEN APPLIED FOR WITH SIMILAR TECHNOLOGY

In conclusion, DFE is a privately held technology. There has been an extensive effort to keep the IP portfolio very pristine in preparation for

licensing opportunities and the development of future technologies.



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