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Require Cell Companies to go wi-fi

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I think the solution to cost, and "internet ubiquity" is to force the Cell networks to go to a overall wifi network that is interchangeable and able to be used by everyone. Compete on price and innovation, not hangups. The fact is our internet capability is "below par" and our cell network is below standard as well. Let's boost them up with a standards based open approach. This allows for lower costs for cell companies, higher quality and lower prices for users. In other words turn the cell companies into a VOIP company that uses a 4g wimax network. Why should a user of AT&T lose coverage in South Georgia and Verizon has good coverage? With sound quality codecs as they are, Let's remove 19th century barriers to service. I am all for market driven solutions, but with the cell companies head in the sand, it's time for the FCC to step up and drive changes in the market place that add innovation, lower costs and improve quality and this will only happen with a standards based approach. This technology can also assist Public Safety by providing tools to communicate and see scenes for easier NIMS deployment.


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