Promote for those without access and not upgrade those with existing services !

Not that anyone of any importance will ever see this but I will spell out my rant here with this corrupt national broadband initiative that is controlled by the big telco giants. Thsi plan should have been paid to the millions on an individual basis to be able to get high speed satellite internet and not paid to the telco's since they are doing nothing more than upgrading the services to those in gated or upscale communities that already have far more speed than those in rural areas. I happen to be a student with DSL lines under a mile from my location and what do you know, AT & T has no plans for making DSL available here as it will further reduce their use of the dial up equipment and the use of telephones that require their low speed and low quality lines. There needs to be a complete rethink and investigations into the spending of these monies since there are no big accomplishments being made to allow low speed rural users access to high speed but rather just upgrading services that are already offered to the bread and butter, live by the credit card customers, for whom they depend upon because of their shortage of brain matter when it comes to financial control. The same living beyond their means type of people are the only ones getting better services than they were currently getting while the FCC is allowing the telcos to continue to rape those without affordable high speed access and promoting a booming industry for the over priced satellite access groups while still maintaining those 50 year old lines buried in our front yards. Broadband monies should at least be subsidized out to rural students to pay for or fund some of the cost for obtaining satellite internet access and not be given to the large telco's who are already making up fantasy stories about their expansions that have not been realized and never will because the FCC or our government will never require confirmation or hold them accountable. My area has been show to be in the list of high speed supported areas in documents that are on the AT&T web site, but that is a fake document not relevant to AT&T due to the provider of service being that of satellite internet which is not what the broadband rollout stated. It is not their service, it is another company and should not be used to increase their percentage numbers. It is all about the big corporations greed for the might dollar and keeping those that forced us into the economic stone age happy with their new and improved mobile plans and has absolutely no reality of ever coming true for those being denied because the government has been bound and gagged by the loud voices and deep pockets of the major carriers. What about stop the horse play with the white space devices and allow this thing to happen? What is the hold up on this? It is not because they do not work, it is because the big players in the telecommunications industry are afraid of competition. They have been proven to work and are successfully deployed in strategic test locations. The NAB will tell you that they do not work and this is more of the hype that is not true because of fear from competition and loss of ............MONEY !!!! Microsoft got sued years ago for having a monopoly with Internet Explorer and it seems as if our government has turned the other check to the needs or greeds of big business and forgotten that it is all of the people that put them in office and not just the few overpaid executives in these companies. Hold the big telco's hostage to strict rules and do not let them decide on how to spend free money by themselves. If the money is received from another then that person or entity has the right to say how it should be spent with very specific rules. Our lawmakers live in triple digit cost houses all serviced by these huge companies with high speed access, so how do they even have a remote clue of what rural customers need or if things are actually being done? There are people in these gated communities loosing their houses because they refuse to give up paying for their five phones all with unlimited text and such because they think they must have them to be part of society. This goes to show that those with Blackberry's and houses they could not afford really do not have the brains God gave a frog and these carriers depend on that stupidity in our society to thrive.



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