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Powerline internet

A lot of people are poo-pooing the idea of of delivering internet over powerline because it isn't as fast as cable. Quite honestly I'm sick of hearing it--you know what is SLOW--dial-up and satellite! And the rural locations those are currently the only two options available at this time--unless you're lucky enough to get cell phone coverage--then you might even have the option of 3G -- hold the oohs and ahhs.


While delivering the internet via power lines would not be as fast as other methods, it is the the MOST comprehensive delivery tool available because nearly every home has electricity...which to me sounds like the wires/infrastructure is ALREADY IN PLACE...all that would be needed is to install signal filters/repeater boxes right?


Once we have the electric grid "wired for the 'net" we could figure out ways to make it faster.


And hey--while we are at it--treat the internet like a utility and stop the price gouging!!!


I'm sure there is some sort of happy medium between unlimited internet usage and pay-as-you-go that wouldn't break the budget.



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