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Planet of Earth Energy Crisis.

Dear Sir,


The Subject matter is all over the World facing Energy problem, So I am trying to

Explain an idea for Old & New Dams / Reservoirs Hydro electric projects Civil Design Geometry

Can be modifying in Architectural Transition to increase our energy potential. Because we are

Losing heavy quantum of already storage water in our Big Dams and its relevant projects to generate Hydro Electric old technology, Now it must be need to convert into new theory of Scientific Technology as per utilizing in the way of experiment with foreign expertise at any Hydro electric base Model of concern Department or forum to finalize the following unique and entire world Globalize developing idea for its further implementations in the current ongoing and next coming future Hydel projects as soon as possible.




with best regards.




RE: Planet of Earth Energy Crisis.


Dear Sir,


Thank you very much for your interest in proposed idea consideration, Due to other sectors & individuals responses take to my self need to be consult a proper forum regarding the situation now I am able to communicate with your good self. Also sorry for some days delaying answer from my side.


Please consider some point of views as following:


1. Idea come into my mind Last year. Some discussions with local personals in respective field but not proper and positive response yet.

2. Research papers / abstracts need to be develop after consultations subject mater from foreign expertise as like your consideration of interest.

3. Theories & ideas can be implement upon debating at world wide conversations with its facts and figures must be considered.

4. It doesn’t mean that my self have no proper proposal for describing because this one is a serous issue for entire world to escaping the current energy crises.

5. Mechanism / Methodology of idea to implement with Design criteria must be Liaise in near future as well as your kind and positive action.

6. My self keep this idea to preventing not go towards wrong ways, Sir your good self know better to me very well. Because after all it is the property of whole world and its creatures, Which will be fully utilize upon when enhance the capability of electrical energy generate according to the new term of way.


Sir about my CV.


My Name is Shabbir.

Qualification: School certificate.

After this go toward Technical Course for Surveyor in 1982. Then start as Land Surveyor Jobs in different Companies in Pakistan. During in 30 years jobs mostly work on Topographic & as built Surveys.

Observations & Knowledge come through different Projects and Sites in the due course of my whole life.




Hoping for a positive response will be coming soon as well as your good self reply.


with best regards.


Shabbir (Land Surveyor)



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