Online Gaming youth vs adult

In the online video gaming world the only effort seen to elevate adult gamers from children is equafax.

With assumed identity never knowing the age of the other gamer and with the competiveness in game sometimes things or words get a bit out of hand.

It seems the older gamers are in one category of bad for our youth and the youth who in most occasions say the worst are the victim.

The ESRB ratings system is a great program if parents would check the ratings before purchase.

Crime for teenage males is down at a 30 year low because of gaming so I do agree in our youth playing video games I just wish they nor us older gamers had to be together in game.

Equafax asks unique and personal questions that determine that you are who you say and above the age of 18.

I have seen effort to use the system for the cyber playground and am hoping that the FCC will see this process through.



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