No more bandwidth caps!

There are several cable companies out there who are limiting their users to 250GB of bandwidth per month and some even charge for going over and that's not at all appropriate in a society that can far exceed those limits. We should be allowed to use our connection as we please and do what we want with it without having to worry about going over a bandwidth limit. Hosting home servers should be allowed without having to upgrade to a business plan, because lots of us would like to be able to access files stored at home when we're out on the go.


The reasoning for capping bandwidth, is due to the fact that their network probably can't handle the load and they want to ensure that everyone has the best web experience possible. I agree with the fact that everyone should get the best experience, but how is their network going to hold up in the long run when even more users sign up for service? It will most likely get slower and they'll have to decrease their bandwidth cap, making the rest or their customers suffer even more. They must upgrade their infrastructure to far exceed the needs of their customers so that everyone can have a great web experience and be able to host their own servers without having to worry about a bandwidth cap.



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