Fixed Broadband

New Copper-based Technology with Fiber-like Bandwidth

Let's summarize the proposed technology options for a National Broadband Strategy:


Optical Fiber:

- costs too much,

- would put the nation in even more debt,

- makes no economical sense in most geographies,

- and will take far too long to deploy nationwide.

As such fiber cannot reasonably be considered as the basis for a National Broadband Strategy.



- Limited spectrum

- Limited bandwidth capability versus wired options

- Security concerns

- Still needs wired backhaul, typically optical in nature, see above points


Therefore copper is the only available medium worthy of consideration for a National Broadband Strategy!


By making minor changes to the way the network is connected, 400 Mb/s is possible over that existing copper, no fiber required.

This technology, called Bonded DSL RingsĀ® (BDR -, can also provide this fiber-like bandwidth to rural areas.

It is the only truly viable telecom technology on which a National BroadBand strategy can be based.



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