Net Neutrality Is Vitally Needed, even in Cities

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SImply this: do NOT hand the future of a healthy internet to private telecommunications companies to run as they see fit. They have already proven themselves to be only concerned with profit maximization, pure and simple. They want to stifle growth and competition, and have already tried to do so. Lobby money is no way to administer the largest global communication network ever.

I live a mere 10 miles from San Jose CA, heart of Silicon Valley, in Morgan Hill, and I am a mere 2 miles up a road from the main street in town, and I CANNOT get broadband. There is NO cable out here, NO dsl (apparently I am 50 feet too far away from the central switching station) and I have been relegated to dial-up for ten years. This is absurd, inconvenient and shows one not need be in rural Kentucky to be missing out on boradband. It happens in the cities as well, affordability is one key, availability is another. The government needs to apply its legal power to defining the next generation of broadband in the interests of its PEOPLE, and not the corporate lobbyists who are only looking for more money. The Internet is far too important for this.

I suppose this is a rant and not a new idea and as such I apologize. I am adamant the Net Neutrality law must be passed, enforced and written with the entire population in mind, rather than business and reelection money concerns. Thank you.



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