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Make Upload bandwith as much a priority as download

Broadband must be truly two way fast. Upload and download. In order for the technology to grow the bar must be set high. And companies must be forced to stop making claims that are false when it comes to speeds. For example the term "up to" claims should be actual and tied to peak usage numbers. Also two way high speed is needed, companies that offer a high download speed but and extremely low upload speed do their customers a disservice by claiming to be "high speed internet" Certain things like "downloading" music work fine on the current model, but other applications like online gaming or HD video steaming suffer because of low upload bandwith. Broadband should mean fast up and down it should be at a rate fast enough both ways to support the most intensive transfers of information. If we set the bar low we will not grow, if we set the bar high the innovation and new services that will come from a truly fast network are unlimited!



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