Make Broadband Delivery Like A Utility

To achieve the goal of supporting a wide range of applications in diversified fields, broadband itself must first be simplified to be like a utility that concentrates on delivering resources only. Otherwise, users will be distracted by broadband issues and can not focus on applications of interest. This is particularly true for home environment where technical support staff in any form should not be expected to be a norm.


Current vendors on the market make broadband sound "simple" by offering intertwined end-to-end product and service packages. Each becomes too specific for limited purposes, it can not be flexibly mixed and matched with other applications, let alone to form new applications.


By modeling broadband networking like conventional utilities, such as water, gas, electricity and telephony, much of the technical details will be hidden from the consumer. Individual consumers can then manage their own networks and still have spare energy to tend various applications.


Such a configuration is no longer a blue-sky dream, because the underlying transport technologies are now capable of what consumer needs. So that, we can configure product packaging for end-user manageability. There is little incremental initial cost associated with this approach. And, it will be over compensated by the savings form the overall long term cost of ownership.


Please review a set of white paper style presentations on the web:


There are two parts: The "Marketing Overview" is from end-user perspective. The "Technical Summary" presents ingredients that make this proposal realistic.


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