Lets regain our ground on Internet speed (we did invented it)

The United States invented the Internet, so lets become number one again for what we created! Americans like to think we are #1 for a lot of things, but Internet is not one of them. We rank (as of Jan 21, 2010) 29th in the world for download speeds and 30th for upload speeds according to real-world results provided by (Results can be found at with an American IP address).


We continue to slip on the ranks, so let's catch up with the rest of the world! Right now, the Internet speed leader, South Korea, has average speeds that are more than three times faster than our own!! And the Korean government has plans to expand their speeds to 100 Mbps by 2012. In America, the ISPs all say that we do not have enough bandwidth, so rather than make enough bandwidth, they limit what we can use and charge us a lot of money!


It's good to upgrade people from dial-up to broadband, but let's not let our broadband speeds slip as the world passes us by. Americans like to watch a lot of movies, so let's be able to do it without having to wait a long time for it to download on a so-called 30Mbps connection that rarely ever gets above 10Mbps.


Maybe we can't do it as quickly as the Koreans, but perhaps by 2015 we could have our Internet speeds at least doubled. Right now basically there is only one ISP that serves a 50Mbps connection, but it costs an arm and a leg and a first-born child to use it, and it is available only in a very limited area. 50Mpbs should be available to everyone and at a reasonable price. By 2015 it should be very commonplace to see people with 50Mbps connections in their home, and it should no be unheard of for people to have 100Mbps connections, if not faster.


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