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Lack of broadband is depressing property values

Lack of broadband is depressing property values in rural areas. Neighbors have moved because they cannot get broadband. My sole proprietor company pays $70 a month for satellite Internet access which many politicians wrongly refer to as broadband. It is not broadband because it does not support:





Automatic security updates to OS and apps


The >1000ms latency and daily traffic cap of 435 megabytes should disqualify satellite as broadband. And broadband is NOT SECURE. My system cannot be configured to install security updates automatically because that could blow my broadband allowance and shut my connection down.


Even normal business tasks are nigh impossible on satellite. For example, on a true broadband connection it takes 30 seconds to log into my bank account. On satellite, even on a good day (and we don't have many of those on satellite) that same task takes several minutes. Because some banks time out inactivity it can be hard to get online.


PLEASE exclude satellite from broadband and force America's telcos to offer everyone a true broadband connection.


Note: I would gladly pay $70 for true broadband, a premium over what city dwellers are charged.


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