Just Run the Wires

Just get me something, anything. The only option I have right now is $60/month for wireless "broadband" via a cell phone carrier and I'm limited to 5 gigabytes / month. That's twice what it should cost for less than half of what I need. And that's not even 3G wireless. Would you pay for that? I haven't yet. So I'm stuck with dial-up because I moved into this house before the Internet was hardly even heard of back in the 90's.


If you'd like more people to sign up for broadband, roll it out. Run the wires. Bring it on by. I'll sign up.


I've been waiting since 1995 for somebody to run DSL past my house. Quit letting the telcos put more and more money into giving faster access to those who already have it and put the money into running the wires where there's no access. Declare a moratorium on speed increases until there's 100% coverage. Then see how much support you get for it.



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