Health Care

Improve the Rural Healthcare Pilot Program of the FCC

1. Simplify administrative process by creating a critical pathway that can be applied to 95% or better of the projects. Current program is so adminstratively cumbersome that less than 5% of the funds have been disbursed in the first 2 years of the program.


2. Expand funding to cover all telemedicine peripherals currently covered by USDA grant program. Why should there be different standards?


3. Ease Stark provisions to allow open participation of For-Profit specialist physicians in the program at a discounted rate. Without specialists being linked to primary care and emergency rooms, telehealth is limited and without financial models that ease the costs for specialists to participate, why should they?


4. Take un-disbursed funds that have been allocated to either disbanded or unsuccessful projects and allow current particpants with successful projects to take advantage of additional funds for expanding their proven networks.


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Idea No. 111