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How United States Ranks Compared To Other Countries Broadband...

I posted this on Twitter before, but I am not sure if everyone here saw it or uses Twitter. Thought it would be good to repost here. Here's the link which provides very specific data on Broadband (High Speed Access) and how the United States compares to various broadband areas in other countries.


Guess What? We're NOT number one! Even though this is an infrastructure that we started with the first ARPANET project and DARPA. My hats off to the elders who pioneered these projects and we thank you for your insight. But we really need more of that 'moxey' right now if you wouldn't mind. The continuity of progress and continued technological development CANNOT be maintained without maintaining a bridge between the young & ambitious working in harmony with the older & wiser contributors. To give us money (BTOP BSTIM grants, etc), without giving us your wisdom of experiences learned would be like giving us cookies without the milk. You can still enjoy them but it wouldn't be the same. Thanks for the grants you're giving out. Do you have an FCC, DoD, or NTIA talent pool of retired or semi-retired experts we can brainstorm with? Maybe a BroadbandCorps or something? Good move on the NTIA twitter account! ........Just a few of my thoughts.......



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