Force the Telecommunications Industry to fall in-line in the US and remind them who is really in charge

Bring the US back to the top 10 countries of the world in terms of Internet connectivity. Force the phone companies to stop gouging us on broadband access over slow and antiquated xDSL technology. Take the "dark fiber" sitting in the ground and use it. Bring fiber to the "last mile" and up to the doorsteps of everyone, not just the big companies who can afford to put their own in. And offer high-speed internet for free or extremely reduced rates (depending on your yearly income) so that everyone can benefit. Force emminent domain and make the phone, cable and other companies with tons of fiber in the ground in public property to open it up and allow access to it. Use the existing infrastructure to bring FTTH and more high-speed non-copper xDSL based internet access to the home, inside and outside the cities.


Remind the telecommunications companies that they made a promise to Congress and the American people a long time ago about bringing high-speed fiber internet access to homes across the nation is the industry was de-regulated and they were paid. Force them to honor this promise.


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