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Focus on the agenda of the FCC's Chief Diversity Officer

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Everyone can offer up idea after idea on this message board, but we should all consider the agenda behind the "broadband expansion" effort. The "means" to the "ends" do matter.


I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who is opposed to having broadband internet available virtually anywhere in the country. However, there are two greater issues to consider. First, our national debt and the interest on the debt already represents far too high of a percentage of our GDP. Second, the is now receiving direction by Mark Lloyd. Mr Lloyd's beliefs (in recorded video/audio and through writings) clearly are counter to the majority beliefs for most internet users. Mr. Lloyd wishes to control ALL forms of media and communication. This should never be the role of any federal government employee.


Pleae take a few minutes to do a google search on Mark Lloyd and discover for yourself how anti-constitutional he is. Every discussion should revolve around his appointment to the FCC. If not, you should expect the end result untimately to restrict access (not in speed but rather content) to the Internet, not expand it.



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