Focus On Standard Adoption For Smart Video.

The FCC should focus on widespread adoption of a standard rather than pushing the adoption of a particular implementation. Both cable TV providers and a large number of video device manufacturers seem ready to adopt Tru2way as the standard for smart video and device independence. Why not codify this standard and establish a required adoption date. After the adoption date, all devices that include a video tuner must comply with the digital standards and Tru2way standards to be sold in the United States. After the adoption date, any video service provider that does not comply with the digital and Tru2way standards cannot charge for the lease or purchase of equipment required by their service. Finally, video service providers must charge service by subscriber, not by device. That is, they charge for providing their service to a subscriber, and the number of video devices that subscriber is routing the service to is irrelevant.


This is no different from the way telephone service is handled in this country. Those standard principles were established in the 1970s when the Justice Department's Antitrust Division sued AT&T. The result was the explosion in telephone technology that Americans enjoy today.


It is time that the FCC made some progress on equipment independence. Americans have been waiting too long for action.



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