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FCC / Comcast / Time Warner / Clearwire Need to Step It Up

As Comcast and Time Warner need a wireless strategy going forward they are starting to resell Clearwire's (CLEAR) WiMAX services( ). This represents a stepping stone towards the most immediate available solution to developing and deploying a viable and sustainable national broadband plan. This also can set the precedent for any changes the new FCC will make surrounding the 700MHz band ( ) [see subscript below]


The new FCC is all about spectrum (or the lack there of) because of the growing demand for mobile broadband (internet access) and communications. As Comcast and Time Warner have abundant cash reserves they should be locking down wholesale agreements with Clearwire and coordinating with the States to provide a cohesive plan to work with all all the applicants they are now trying to shut down because of concerns that these applicants are stepping on their territory. ( ).


Comcast/Time Warner/Clearwire could immediately create thousands of jobs by agreeing on concurrent build out of the 2.5GHz EBS (mobile) and 3.65GHz (fixed) WiMAX bands within their (our) markets. This would provide a robust, interoperable broadband network with ubiquitous wireless accounts for all individuals, households and businesses in all rural, metro, urban and suburban markets.


3.65GHz Fixed WiMAX - local governments, school systems, libraries, colleges/universities, smart grid, public safety, workforce, non-profits, households, businesses.


2.5GHz EBS Mobile WiMAX - mobile overlay for fixed, individuals, households, businesses.


The FCC/NTIA/RUS need to step up and provide incentives for this type of plan as incumbent cable and telcom's are not going to go away and need to maintain ARPUs (average rate/revenue per user) and market share while building towards a national broadband plan.


Please use the remaining $3.2 billion to provide incentives to make this plan happen.





In 2004 the past FCC changed the rules on the 2.5GHz Instructional Television Fixed Service (ITFS) band which allowed Sprint & Clearwire to approach non-profits within our communities to lease this very valuable asset. These non-profits include state universities and university systems, public community and technical colleges, private universities and colleges, public elementary and secondary school districts, private schools (including Catholic school systems in a number of large metropolitan areas), public television and radio stations, hospitals and hospital associations, and private, non-profit educational entities.


Ironically, these are the same agencies that now qualify for broadband stimulus funding but have signed away their rights to the asset they have maintained for decades. They must now wait on Clearwire (middle man) to launch within their respective communities/markets.


Clearwire (CLEAR) now has rights to 85+ percent of this spectrum, nationwide. ( )




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