Health Care

Employ broadband to provide better quality health care and quality of life, at a significantly reduced cost

The National Broadband Plan should direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to:


a.Define and catalog the types of entities that govern, oversee, operate, and/or create policy for the electronic exchange of health information and produce recommendations regarding the appropriate level of consumer participation and requirements for transparency that should apply to them.


b.Require institutions and providers to begin sharing health information electronically.


c.Set standards for electronic exchange of health information; these standards should focus on:


i.Quality improvement;

ii.Care management;


iv.Decision support;

v.Performance data reporting; and

vi.Research and population health initiatives, including disparities reduction efforts.


d.Set standards for federal health information security and confidentiality; standards that should be guided by the following consumer-control principles:


i.Consumers should have easy access to review, add notations, and suggest corrections to existing information in their own records.

ii.Consumers should be able to limit which parts of their health information can be shared with which providers.

iii.Consumers should be able to limit how their personally identifiable medical information is used outside of care delivery (e.g., for research).

iv.Consumers should be able to easily designate others as proxies to act on their behalf (e.g., family member, caregiver, or guardian).

v.Consumers deserve an effective process and infrastructure for monitoring and certifying compliance with these common principles among organizations, initiatives, and technologies.


e.Encourage and facilitate the adoption of state reciprocity agreements for practitioner licensure to expedite the provision across state lines of telehealth services.


f.Expand the list of Medicare telehealth originating sites to include mental health facilities.


g.Include as a home health visit for Medicare purposes telehealth services furnished an individual by a home health agency.


h.Establish a demonstration project to evaluate the impact and benefits of covering remote patient management services for certain chronic health conditions.


i.Acting through the Director of the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth of the Health Resources and Services Administration, make grants to expand access via telehealth to health care services for individuals in medically underserved rural, frontier, and urban areas.


j.Work with health plans, employers, HIT vendors, and others to create and

maintain a centralized resource center of grants, loans, insurance savings opportunities, incentive programs, and other financing options for HIT for providers.


k.Establish a consistent methodology for measuring telehealth and health information technology adoption and effective use, and analyzing and reporting data.


l.Allow for electronic prescribing of controlled substances, with appropriate safeguards.



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