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In 2003, Buddenberg of the US Navy writes a paper entitled “Radio WAN Media Access Protocol” in which he outlined five requirements for a future radio-WAN MAC. These requirements would pertain to any solution, not just a satellite communications one.

1. The primary requirement is to discipline network nodes so they transmit one at a time. The solution

space becomes restricted to scheduling and polling algorithms by recognition of this requirement.

2. Provide a means for new nodes to enter the network segment. Most prospective solutions envision a second queue for management of this problem.

3. Support multicast. This definition of multicast is slightly different than the layer 3 definition (delivery to multiple platforms for price of a single transit through each router).

4. Support urgent access for priority traffic. This is one facet of the Quality of Service control problem.

5. Provide synchronous access for those customers with requirements for determinism.



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