Public Safety & Homeland Security

Disaster Failover and Uninterruptible Power

'Satellite Broadband' may have a role as a 'failover' mode for local disasters that otherwise cut off sections of communities from the outside world. More Cellular broadband (i.e. 3G/4G/EVDO/etc.) towers should have uninterruptible power and a backup satellite uplink built in to provide at least emergency/911 services when disaster cuts off their power, and potentially fells their peers. At least they should have some means for local authorities to directly power them, and make 911 calls work. In the event of disaster, wireless services tend to remain operational for having less stuff to break.


This is a weakness of 'cable' and 'fiberoptic' VOIP systems. If you don't have power to the customer (or near the customer), then they don't have communications. The old copper phone systems can still be centrally powered by battery and generators, but cable MODEM and fiberoptic systems need batteries EVERYWHERE. In an extended power failure, those batteries will simply die, and communication will fail.



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