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Most of the time the simple solution normally is the better one. The main problem is to satisfied every player in the Broadband sector Carriers,Providers and consumers. A multifunctional solution should include all this sector involve in a national plan. So we propose a simple one.



Learning from past mistakes and the government taking in mind all sector involves on this matter migrate to a new Digital and broadband era. The Government mentality should be provide services like Broadband, but taking in count the high cost one great idea is to provide like the national highway system provide the long haul and middle mile so Cities, Municipalities and utilities providers can deploy last mile broadband.


These long haul network will be connect to some several aggregations point or marketplaces so multiples service and content providers will compete for subscriber connected. Using this model every sector will find a benefit and a attractive way to increase revenues. for example government will have a new way of income charging per services rate to SP. SP virtually wont have OPEX winch increase profit margins per services and subscriber will have the freedom to select the SP of choice.

The result of this model no unserve or under serve areas.It so difficult to understand the simplicity of having a road in front of my house and that road connected to a highway and that highway connect every state.



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