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BroadbandUSA Grants & Job Creation - Let's Keep Track of the Jobs Created as a REAL SCORECARD!

With ARRA and the Broadband grants opportunities now available, and the process to leverage broadband investments advancing consistently, I believe the timetable originally set for the grant & project timelines will be met. There were some challenges in applying for the first round so far (uploading PDF's overloaded so I had to mail in documents), but I was pleased to see the challenges were being met. I was especially pleased to see management at the Government level addressing the problems head-on and responding to the challenges very quickly.


The lights are on, and someone is home. All this leads me to believe that if the grant funds are awarded to people who are as committed to the programs goal as well as the government representatives that I have interacted with thus far; we will indeed see jobs created by the program. The government is providing support - WE WILL HAVE TO PRODUCE RESULTS EFFICIENTLY!


It's easy to write something on a blog, or take a jab at someone if you don't agree with something. But real commitment is evidenced by the private sector BUYING into the progress and putting up their own funds to match government funds. As a businessman, I've always felt more comfortable doing a deal when my partners have 'SKIN IN THE GAME'.


Let's all be accountable to the American people and ALL our stakeholders. Let's keep REAL DOCUMENTS to support the REAL JOBS created by this program, and let's make sure we do our part to PROMOTE OUR PROGRESS as equally as we promote our negative criticisms of our governments efforts to right itself on the road to economic recovery.


Thank you for the opportunity.


Good job!



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