Fixed Broadband

Broadband speed just as important as broadband access

The original digital divide separating the haves from the have-nots has quickly been replaced by a new gap defined in terms of Internet speed. While the FCC is working hard to ensure that broadband Internet is available, accessible, and affordable for all Americans, they are not ensuring that the broadband connection provided will be of adequate speed to meet the growing demands of enhanced interactive website platforms and other online activities that require high speed connections. The United States has long been stuck in a broadband-speed gap, and it is falling further and further behind its OECD brethren. In the upcoming FCC Broadband Plan, they should set a higher standard for their definition of basic broadband speed, and avoid the widening of the Internet speed gap. Simply making sure that all American households can connect at a measly 0.8 megabits per second is not enough when the Japanese are downloading at rates more than 50 times faster on average.



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