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Broadband in Rural America

I would like to bring out that the electric coops are putting broadband thru out rural America right now thru one ISP. They are wireless to connect the property to the system so they don't have problems with the last mile. This is to accomplish the goal of broadband in rural America. Since I have been on them in June 2007 they only went down about 4 times which isn't bad for a service. The problem is they compete with telecoms and cable and they win in most cases as they take their customers from them. This is why rural America is not pushing broadband as they know they will get in awhile. They also know they will get good service as they have heard what has happened in other electric coops. The broadband problem in rural America is a non issue as they are getting broadband put in as fast possible without the problem of net neutrality. They don't care about the amount bandwidth the content providers send as they can handle it with no problem. Cable and telecoms can't complain as they are private company and not using money from the Government as they don't get any. Rural America is doing on their own bootstraps and not pushing for this under any conditions. So we have to get use to the fact that rural America will have a better communication system and Internet then the cities and suburbs. They are one of the biggest phone companies in the US. I hope this answer the question why basically rural America doesn't need help as they are doing it themselves.



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