Wireless Broadband

Broadband in Rural America

There is one ISP thru the electric coops thru the rural America is putting in fixed wireless broadband. It is absorbing all the bandwidth at the major nodes right now to give broadband to rural America. When this ISP finishes it's job rural America will have the best communication and Internet in the US. It will be better than what they get in the cities and suburbs right now. It will make the telecoms and cable network look luke babies in the way the world turns. They can handle bandwidth with no problem and also put in capacity faster than cable and telecoms can do and also at a cheaper cost than they spend. So you would have to ask yourself why don't they learn how to do it right. In the case of Verizon they decide not to compete with this ISP and sold their operation to Frontier because every place they went they lost all the business and had to abandon the equipment in the location. The bottom line it will come out that rural America will have a better Internet and communications then the cities and suburbs and the society will have to force them to come up to the standards that rural America is setting. You maybe shocked at this information but it is happening thru rural America. Furthermore they give constant bandwidth which it doesn't go up or down depending how many are on as they can handle the demand no matter how many are on. They also did growth without Government help and they are doing thru the bootstraps of rural America as they don't trust the Government. President Obama helped by mandating the tier one providers give as much bandwidth to the major nodes that this ISP requires period. The ISP take the bandwidth from the major nodes and does its job. So get it thru you head that there is modern communication going in without Government help as fast as possible and it is state of the art and do it fast. In a year or two it will come out that rural America has the best Internet and communication in the world without Government help and charges the same or less than what is charged in the cities and no caps. Have fun.



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